Sports Imaging

An MR arthrogram of the shoulder.
An MR arthrogram of the shoulder.

Musculoskeletal and Sports Imaging.

Advances in Ultrasound, CT scanning and MRI scanning have markedly changed musculoskeletal and sports injury imaging. Fractures are well evaluated with plain X ray and CT scans. However, bone injuries can occur without an obvious fracture (stress fracture) and MRI scanning is very sensitive at detecting these injuries. Furthermore soft tissue injuries to ligaments, tendons and muscles are very well shown on MRI scanning, giving an accurate diagnosis. Often an ultrasound scan can also help diagnose a sports injury as well as providing accurate guidance for therapeutic injection of local anaesthetic and steroid. We are able to provide the full range of musculoskeletal and sports imaging in this centre with specialist skills in all areas of the body including therapeutic injection.  Consultation with our Musculoskeletal Radiologists and your GP, Orthopaedic Surgeon or Sports Medicine Specialist will help determine the best investigation for your symptoms.